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academentia and academia

don't get along

College Students Living with Mental Illness
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This is a community for those of us who are in college or grad school and have to cope with being "mentally interesting" at the same time. This can be a place to vent, ask about medication recommendations (personal or anecdotal experience only - we're not doctors here), find out about ways to make your academics work, despite your disabilities, and share stories about the often amusing combination of being in school and being "crazy".

Please post an introduction to yourself first, preferably using something akin to these formats: Mod Introduction or Personal Introduction

Remember, this community is for people who can admit to themselves that they have a mental illness, and so a requirement for continued membership in the community is a willingness to admit that you have these problems and a willingness to try and find help/get better. You may rant/rave/whine/whatever, but you must also be willing to accept the help of others, and also attempt to help yourself.

And remember: Self diagnosis is BAD. Don't do it. Tell us that you feel you are having problems, but please don't come to us with "I think I have bipolar because I'm moody." or "I think I have OCD because I'm a clean person." See a psychiatrist if you genuinely feel something is wrong, but don't self-diagnose, as it can make getting a clear and accurate diagnosis more difficult in the future. Please do not post your self diagnoses here. Tell us what's wrong, but don't tell us "I think I'm bipolar". If you are concerned about your mental wellbeing, see a psychologist or psychiatrist for an accurate diagnosis.
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